The Bladder

The bladder holds pee and helps you go to the bathroom. If the bladder has problems, you might find it hard to pee or have other pee issues. The bladder works well because of energy from the kidneys. When this kidney energy doesn't work right, it can make it hard to pee or hold pee in. Also, if the kidneys are weak, you might leak pee or not be able to hold it.

Bladder Dampness-Heat This is something you might see when there are issues like pee infections, kidney stones, or prostate problems. Signs can include needing to pee a lot, feeling pain when you pee, or having trouble peeing. You might also stop peeing all of a sudden. Your tongue might look yellow and greasy, and your pulse could feel fast and slippery. To help with this issue, you need to get rid of the heat and dampness.