The Gallbladder

The gallbladder is connected to the liver and sits below the ribs. Even though it's one of the six bowels, it's special because it has only clean bile, unlike other bowels that have cloudy stuff in them. If the gallbladder isn't feeling good, you might have rib pain, a bitter taste in your mouth, throw up bitter water, and look yellowish.

The liver and gallbladder can both get something called dampness-heat. This can happen in serious conditions like yellow skin from liver issues, inflamed gallbladder, and gallstones. Signs of this problem are: yellow eyes, strong rib pain, dark yellow pee, fever, feeling thirsty, feeling sick, throwing up, not wanting to eat, a puffy belly, a yellow and oily tongue, and a fast heartbeat. To help with this, it's good to cool down the heat, help with the damp feeling, make the gallbladder better, and lessen the yellow look.