The Liver

The liver is a super important organ. It helps manage your blood and keeps your joints and muscles moving right. When your liver is happy, your whole body feels good. But if your liver has problems, you might feel not-so-great in many ways.

Your liver is linked to your eyes and your gallbladder. The liver energy path goes around some special organs, travels through the lower belly, and wraps around your ribs. So, if you have issues in those areas, you might need to think about your liver's health.

There's a famous saying in Chinese medicine: When you lie down, the blood goes back to the liver. When you get up and move, the liver sends that blood all around your body to help it work right.

The liver also helps your tendons, the stretchy bands that connect your muscles to your bones. If your liver doesn't have enough good stuff, your tendons might feel weak or numb. Your nails might even look different because they're connected to your tendons too.

Your eyes and liver are like close buddies. If your liver isn't doing great, you might get dry eyes, blurry vision, or find it hard to see in the dark. Sometimes, you might even get pink eyes. If you have eye problems, it's good to think about how your liver is doing.

The liver and the gallbladder are like brother and sister. One is yin and the other is yang. They help each other out a lot. So, when you think about your liver, don't forget about your gallbladder too.