The Small Intestine

The small intestine helps change the food and water it gets from the stomach. It takes the good energy from the food and sends it to other parts of the body. The not-so-good energy goes to the large intestine and then to the bladder to be gotten rid of.

The heart and small intestine are linked through energy pathways called meridians. If the heart has too much fiery energy, it can make the small intestine have issues like red pee or burning when going to the bathroom. For this, you'd focus on calming the heart and helping the pee flow better.

Two big heart issues are when the heart lacks blood or lacks yin energy. Signs of these could be feeling weak, having bad dreams, or feeling really down. People with less heart blood might look pale and have a slow pulse. People with less yin might feel hot, have night sweats, and look red in the face. Each of these issues needs a different focus to feel better.

Sometimes, the heart can lack energy or yang energy. Signs of this are feeling tired, having irregular heartbeats, or even feeling shock. For low heart energy, you might see pale skin and feel weak. If there's less yang, you might feel really cold. In serious cases, you could even pass out and feel like you're running out of energy completely. For each of these, different steps are taken to help you feel better.