The Spleen

The stomach gets food and breaks it down. Then the spleen digests it again before sending it to the lungs. From there, the food goes to all parts of the body.

There is something called "true energy" that is really important for our bodies. This true energy is closely connected to the spleen and lungs. The spleen sends the digested food to the lungs. The lungs mix it with the air we breathe in. These two energies make up true energy.

If someone feels really tired and has low energy because their spleen is not working well, it means the spleen needs help first. The spleen also helps keep our blood flowing the right way. If the spleen has low energy, it can't do its job well, and people may bleed more easily.

The spleen helps lift pure energy and good stuff from food and water up to the lungs and other parts of the body. If the spleen's energy is low and not lifting things up, people can feel short of breath, too tired to talk, or have other problems like chronic diarrhea or fallen organs.

The spleen likes being dry and doesn't like dampness. If the spleen is weak, it can make you feel damp inside. When that happens, you might feel heavy, like your body is sinking down, or have watery poop. Your tongue might also look white and greasy. In this case, you should use warm and dry herbs to help the spleen get stronger and get rid of the dampness.