The Stomach

The stomach helps you with eating food and breaking it down. It also moves food along in the right direction. If the stomach energy goes down, it helps with digestion and getting rid of waste. But if the stomach energy goes up, it can make you burp, hiccup, or feel sick to your stomach.

The stomach likes damp conditions and doesn't like dryness. It's sensitive to heat. When heat gets to the stomach, it can make you feel bad. You might get a dry mouth, feel really thirsty, and other discomforts. To help with this, you need to add more good fluids to the stomach.

The spleen and stomach work together. The spleen likes dryness and the stomach likes dampness. They help each other with digestion. If both the spleen and stomach don't have enough energy, you could feel really tired and have stomach pain, nausea, and other problems. If this goes on for a long time, you could lose weight and feel weak. The way to help is to make the spleen and stomach stronger.

Sometimes, the spleen and stomach can feel really cold. This is called "yang deficiency." It can make you feel pain in your belly, make you want to stay warm, and cause other symptoms like feeling tired or weak. To help with this, you need to warm up the spleen and stomach.

There's also a thing called "stomach-fire," which might happen if you're really sick or have mouth problems. It can make you thirsty and give you a stomachache that feels like burning. To help, you need to cool down the stomach.

Lastly, "stomach yin deficiency" can happen and might make your mouth dry, make you feel not hungry, and cause other symptoms like dry stools or hiccups. To help, you need to add good fluids and cool down the stomach.