The Triple Burning Space

The Triple Burning Space is about three special areas in the human body. These are the thoracic cavity, the abdominal cavity, and the pelvic cavity. These are also known as the upper, middle, and lower burning spaces. Why do we call it the Triple Burning Space? It's because these areas warm up our body and work like spaces rather than actual organs.

Just like a person who makes water channels, the Triple Burning Space helps move things around in the body. It works with other parts like the kidneys, lungs, and bladder. The kidneys and bladder have a special connection, and they all help balance things in the body.

If something's not right in the Triple Burning Space, it can cause pee problems. For example, you might find it hard to pee, or maybe pee too much. Some old Chinese medical books say that too much heat in the upper burning space can make you cough a lot. Too much heat can also cause other issues like a dry mouth, pain in your ribs, and a sore throat.

If the middle burning space gets too hot, it can make you feel dry and cause tummy swelling and coughing. If it's too cold, you might get tummy issues like bad digestion and rumbling sounds.

The lower burning space can also have problems. If it's too cold, it might make you pee a lot or have runny poop. But if it's too hot, you might see blood in your pee, find it hard to pee, or have trouble pooping.

So, understanding the Triple Burning Space can help us know more about how our body works.