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Apricot or Apricot Seed

Apricot or Apricot Seed

In the sphere of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), fruits and their seeds are often harnessed for their potent medicinal properties. Among these, apricots and their seeds hold a prominent place. This article delves into their therapeutic applications, properties, and ways to prepare them for maximum benefit.

Understanding the Potency of Apricots and Apricot Seeds

In TCM, apricots are revered for their neutral, sweet, and sour attributes. Known to lubricate the lungs and stimulate fluid production, they are effective in treating thirst and dry throat. Fresh or dried, consuming 2 to 3 apricots both in the morning and evening can significantly alleviate these conditions.

On the other hand, apricot seeds, particularly the bitter variety, are warm, pungent, and slightly toxic. Despite their toxicity, when used correctly, they serve to suppress coughs, relieve asthma, and lubricate the intestines. Conversely, sweet apricot seeds, sharing the same warm and pungent qualities but with a sweet flavor, are used to lubricate the intestines and suppress coughs. They also function as an energy tonic.

The Preparation of Apricots and Apricot Seeds

There are several ways to utilize the medicinal properties of apricots and their seeds. One simple method involves chewing 5 to 10 sweet apricot seeds once a day. This can help cure chronic cough and cold shivers.

For constipation, particularly among the elderly and pregnant women, a cream prepared from sweet apricot seeds, rice, and sugar proves beneficial. Combine 15g sweet apricot seeds, 30g each of rice and sugar, add water, and crush them into a cream. Consuming this in the morning and evening can significantly alleviate constipation.

Bitter apricot seeds can be used to remedy a dry cough. For this, take 2 pears and remove the seeds. Crush 6g bitter apricot seeds and grind them into powder. Stuff this powder into the pears and steam for half an hour. Consumed once a day, this can cure dry cough.

Furthermore, bitter apricot seeds can be used in a therapeutic tea to cure a cough with watery mucus. Boil 9g of these seeds in water with 6g fresh ginger and 2 red dates. This concoction, drunk as tea twice a day, can effectively treat such coughs.

Cautionary Notes

While the therapeutic power of apricots and their seeds is undeniable, it is essential to consume them responsibly. Fresh apricots should not be consumed excessively or frequently by those suffering from diarrhea. More importantly, due to their toxicity, bitter apricot seeds should never be consumed in their fresh or raw form. Always ensure to use them in the ways prescribed by TCM to avoid adverse effects.

In conclusion, apricots and their seeds are potent tools in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Used correctly, they can provide relief from a range of ailments, offering a natural, holistic approach to health and well-being.

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