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Bean Drink

Bean Drink

Boosts Body Energy, Cools Down Internal Warmth, Clears Phlegm, Helps With Urination, and Aids in Food Issues


  1. For White Discharge in Lady Parts:
    Crush 10 ginkgo kernels. Add them to a glass of bean drink. Steam the mix and sip it like tea.

  2. For Bleeding in Lady Parts:
    Combine a glass of bean drink with half a glass of chive juice. Drink it on an empty belly.

  3. For Tough Times During Pregnancy:
    Mix 2 liters of bean drink with 120g of sugar. Divide it into six parts. Drink all six in one day, for 2-4 days. On day five, eat only no-salt foods. On day six, eat fruit and lotus root powder to feel full. This can also help with swelling and high blood pressure.

  4. For Stomach Issues Like Peptic Ulcers:
    Mix a glass of bean drink with 20g of maltose. Boil it. Drink it first thing in the morning, with no food in your belly.

Remember, consult a healthcare provider for advice tailored to your needs.

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