Black Fungus

Black Fungus

Black fungus is a type of food that has many health benefits. It helps when there's bleeding from the backside, or from other parts of the body. It can also help with problems like hemorrhoids.

Description Black fungus is neutral and sweet. It helps stop bleeding and cools the blood. It's good for the stomach and the big intestine.

How to Use Black Fungus

  1. If you get hurt or after having a baby, you can cook black fungus with wine. Drinking it helps prevent blood from getting stuck.
  2. Make a soup with black fungus to help with hemorrhoids.
  3. If there's bleeding from the private part, boil black fungus in water, add brown sugar, and drink it.

Interesting Fact Some people have used black fungus to help them not have babies. They boil a lot of black fungus until it's very soft, then mix it with brown sugar to make a thick drink. Drinking this with a type of yellow wine can help for a few days after having a baby.

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