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You might have seen celery at the grocery store or enjoyed it in a salad, but did you know it has many health benefits? This crunchy green vegetable can be good for your heart, head, and even your mood. In this article, we'll talk about what celery can do for you and how to use it to feel better.


Celery is a special green plant that's crunchy and full of flavor. It's got a unique taste that can be both sweet and a bit bitter. In some cultures, it is believed that celery is good for the stomach and liver.

How to Prepare Celery for Health

For Heat and Sleep Problems

If a baby feels too warm and can't sleep, celery can help. Cut some celery into pieces and pour boiling water over it. After a few seconds, press the celery to get juice. This juice can make the baby feel cooler, which can be helpful for problems like frequent urination with unusual color.

For a Healthy Liver and Kidneys

In some traditional recipes, celery is cooked with pork kidneys. This mix is believed to help keep your liver and kidneys in good shape.

For High Blood Pressure and Headaches

Celery can be cooked with vinegar to help lower blood pressure and ease headaches. You can also make fresh celery juice mixed with honey to help with dizziness, headaches, and shoulder pain.

During Special Times of Life

For adults experiencing high blood pressure during pregnancy or other life changes, drinking fresh celery juice daily can offer relief.

Some Experiments and Reports

Animal Experiments

Research done on rats has shown that celery can help lower their blood pressure.

Clinical Reports

In some tests, people who drank a mix of celery juice and honey three times a day showed improvement in their high blood pressure. These people also reported feeling better overall and sleeping better.

Remarks and Tips

The Connection to Liver

Some theories say that celery is good for high blood pressure because it helps the liver.

Sodium in Celery

You might have heard that too much salt can be bad for your heart. But the amount of sodium in celery is small and is not likely to cause problems.

A Popular Belief

In some cultures, it's believed that celery can reduce heat inside the body for both kids and adults. This can be useful when you've had too much to drink or eat.


Celery is more than just a tasty snack. It can also help with a range of health problems like high blood pressure, headaches, and dizziness. Give it a try and see how this simple vegetable can make a difference in your life.

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