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Chicken Egg Yolk

Chicken Egg Yolk

The chicken egg yolk, a simple yet nutritious food item found in our everyday meals, is a potent ingredient often overlooked for its extraordinary medicinal value. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is heralded for its versatility in treating a wide range of ailments from insomnia and muscular twitching to more severe conditions like burns and hepatitis.

Properties of Chicken Egg Yolk in TCM

In TCM, the chicken egg yolk is characterized by its neutral and sweet nature. It's considered a blood tonic that helps to nourish and moisturize the body, specifically impacting the heart and kidneys. Its use is not just limited to treatment but also in preventative care and health promotion.

Effective Preparation and Usage

The preparation methods for chicken egg yolk in TCM are surprisingly straightforward. For instance, swallowing a few egg yolks can alleviate acute vomiting, while a mixture of fresh egg yolk with milk given to children can help to stop convulsions. Such simple, natural remedies make it an accessible and cost-effective solution for various health conditions.

Clinical Applications and Success Stories

One remarkable use of chicken egg yolk is in the treatment of burns. Egg yolk oil, prepared through high-pressure sterilization and filtration, has shown impressive results in over 100 cases of first and second-degree burns. Patients experienced reduced pain, quicker healing, and minimal scarring. To prepare this oil, hard-cooked yolks are fried until they release their oil, which is then applied to the burns.

In another case, the same egg yolk oil was used successfully to treat varicose ulcers, demonstrating the versatile healing power of this simple ingredient. By applying a flat cotton bandage soaked in the egg yolk oil to the affected region, patients reported improvements and eventual recovery.

Additional Notes and Interesting Facts

Interestingly, some sources even suggest that boiled egg yolk may be used to quit smoking. This illustrates the far-reaching potential benefits of chicken egg yolk in TCM.


The humble chicken egg yolk is more than just a dietary staple; it's a treasure trove of healing and nourishing benefits in TCM. Its uses range from relieving insomnia and diarrhea to treating burns and malnutrition, demonstrating the potency of nature's simple remedies. By exploring and understanding the health benefits of chicken egg yolk in TCM, we can harness its power for our wellbeing and better health.

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