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Chives aren't just for making your food taste better. They've been used for many years to help people feel better, too. Let's dive into the world of chives and learn some easy ways to use them!

What Good Can Chives Do?

Chives may offer help with:

  • Chest unease
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Upset stomach
  • Throwing up blood
  • Nosebleeds

Important Notes:

Chives are not the best choice for people with eye troubles or skin problems.

Why Are Chives Amazing?

Chives have a warm, spicy flavor that helps the energy in your body flow well. These green wonders are good for your liver, stomach, and kidneys.

Simple Ways to Use Chives

For Problems with Swallowing

  1. Get juice from fresh chive leaves.
  2. Mix a teaspoon of the juice with some milk.
  3. Drink this blend.

For Feeling Too Hot

  1. Get juice from fresh chive leaves.
  2. Enjoy the juice cold.

For Backaches

  1. Cut up chive leaves and roots.
  2. Boil them in wine.
  3. Enjoy it warm.

For Night Sweats

  1. Cook some chives with eggs.
  2. Eat this dish to help with sweat at night.

Why Are Chives Helpful for Pain?

If you're hurting and it's due to blood not flowing well, chives can help. According to Chinese beliefs, pain happens when blood or energy doesn't move well. If you keep feeling pain in the same area, chives could be useful.

Easy Chive Soup for Aches

  1. Cut up some chives.
  2. Boil them with water and a bit of wine.
  3. Enjoy it warm like a soup.

A Little History Lesson

Did you know that long ago in China, chives were given to hurt prisoners to help them heal? Yes, chives have been used for many years to make people feel better.

For Stomach Problems

If you have a delicate stomach, chives could be your friend. Many people in China eat chives to make their stomachs stronger.

For Nosebleeds

Fresh chive juice can offer help for nosebleeds. Just be ready for the strong taste!


If you have any health questions or concerns, always check with a healthcare provider.


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