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Cinnamon Twig

Cinnamon Twig

  • Release the Exterior
  • Assist the Yang
  • Release Muscle Layer
  • Warm the Middle Burner


Cinnamon Twig, also known as Gui Zhi, is a warm and acrid-sweet ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various symptoms and ailments. The TCM patterns it targets include Yang Qi-deficient, Yang Qi-stagnant, Phlegm-cold, and disharmony of Ying & Wei levels. However, it is not recommended for individuals with warm-heat pathogen disease, Yin deficiency heat patterns, or during pregnancy.

The main principles of using Cinnamon Twig as a treatment include releasing the exterior, assisting the Yang, releasing the muscle layer, and warming the middle burner. It targets the Heart (33%), Lung (33%), and Bladder (33%) channels. With its warm (100%) properties, Cinnamon Twig is a versatile ingredient that can bring balance and harmony to the body, helping to relieve various symptoms.

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