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Crab Shell

Crab Shell

Did you know that crab shells can be a great natural remedy for easing certain aches and discomforts? Many people often throw away crab shells after eating crab, but they have special qualities that can be useful. This article will talk about some of the benefits of using crab shells and how to prepare them.

Crab Shells: What Are They Made Of?

Most of a crab shell is made of calcium carbonate, a material that's also in things like seashells. The rest is chitin and protein. Together, these materials can be used in various natural remedies to help with a variety of bodily discomforts.

Helpful Uses of Crab Shells

Pain in Ribs and Belly

Crab shells can help with discomfort in the ribs and belly area. They can be used to make a natural remedy that may reduce pain and ease tightness.

Swelling and Hard Spots

Sometimes, the breast area can get swollen and have hard spots. Using crab shell powder can help soften these spots and lessen swelling.

After Childbirth

After having a baby, women sometimes have issues with their menstrual cycle. A crab shell remedy may help to make the menstrual cycle return to normal.

How to Prepare Crab Shell Powder

  1. Baking and Grinding: Take some crab shells and bake them in an oven. After they're baked, grind them into a fine powder.

  2. Dosage: Depending on the issue you are trying to address, the amount of crab shell powder you take may vary. Usually, a small spoonful mixed with wine or warm water can be a starting point.

  3. Additional Tips: Avoid eating spicy food while you are using crab shell remedies.

Caution: This remedy is not for pregnant women.

Wrapping Up

So the next time you have crab for dinner, think twice before throwing away the shells. They have great natural properties that can be useful for easing a variety of discomforts. Remember to always consult a healthcare professional for proper advice.

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