Helps with sore throat, puffy eyes, swelling, and burns.

Cucumbers are cool and refreshing. They can help the body get rid of toxins, make you pee more, and help you feel less thirsty. They're good for your tummy and digestion.

How to Use

  1. Get juice from the cucumber. If you have a burn, put this juice on it to feel better.
  2. If the cucumber turns a little yellow as it gets old, you can boil it and make a soup. This soup is good to drink in the fall when the air is dry and people might get coughs.
  3. Some folks in China think that eating cucumber helps the body when the air is dry in the fall.

Extra Info
Eating cucumbers can help with pimples because they cool down your body. Pimples can happen when your body feels too warm inside.
In China, some people dry out cucumbers in the sun and eat them to feel cooler inside. This can help with upset tummies or when your skin feels too warm.

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