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Good for:

  • Weak stomachs
  • Palpitations
  • Nervousness
  • Hysteria in women
  • Allergic purpura


  • Warm and sweet
  • Spleen tonic, energy tonic, blood tonic
  • Helps make body fluids
  • Helps detox
  • Good for the spleen and stomach


  • For Weakness After Childbirth:
    Boil 30g red dates, 1 chicken egg, 4 ginger slices, and 30g brown sugar. Eat during meals.

  • For Physical Weakness:
    Eat 30g red dates in the evening every day to feel stronger.

  • For Insomnia:
    Boil 30g red dates with 5 green onion white heads. Eat it before sleep.

  • For Allergic Purpura:
    Eat 30g to 60g red dates, 3 times a day for 15 days.

  • For Digestive Issues:
    Boil 30g red dates and 30g yam with 2 ginger slices. Eat once a day for 10 days.

  • For Hysteria and Jumpiness in Women:
    Boil 30g dried red dates, 15g yam, 15g whole wheat, and 15g processed licorice. Drink the juice twice a day.

  • For Low Blood Levels:
    Boil 15g black dates, 9g longans, and 30g brown sugar. Eat the stewed fruit regularly.

  • For Overall Weakness:
    Make date jelly by boiling 1,500g fresh dates or 500g red dates. Add 500g sugar. Take a teaspoon with warm water regularly.


  • Turn fresh dates red by letting them dry in the sun.
  • To make black dates, boil fresh red dates, dry them in the sun, steam, and bake until black.
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