Dried Mandarin Orange Peel

Dried Mandarin Orange Peel

A Traditional Chinese Herb


Dried mandarin orange peel is a warm, pungent, and bitter herb that plays an essential role in Chinese medicine. It's known for its effects on the spleen and lungs and its ability to stimulate energy, relieve water retention, and eliminate mucus.


The dried mandarin orange peel has several applications, including:

  1. Chest Congestion Relief: This herb assists in alleviating chest congestion.
  2. Abdominal Comfort: It can aid with abdominal swelling and discomfort.
  3. Appetite Support: Enhances the appetite, making it useful for those struggling with eating issues.
  4. Digestive Assistance: Offers support for common digestive problems such as vomiting and belching.

Preparation Methods

The dried mandarin orange peel is often incorporated into various preparations:

  • For General Relief: Dissolve 1.5g dry mandarin orange peel powder in warm water and consume three times a day.
  • For Stomach Comfort: Mix 40g dry mandarin orange peel powder with 100g cuttlefish bone powder. Take 3g dissolved in warm water, three times a day.

Clinical Applications

Dried mandarin orange peel has also been utilized in specific clinical contexts. For instance:

  • Acute Mastitis Support: A mixture of 40g dried mandarin orange peels and 7g licorice in water, boiled twice, can be divided into two dosages to take in one day. Early intervention (within 1 to 2 days of onset) has been observed to provide positive outcomes with a 70 percent success rate in 2 to 3 days.


Dried mandarin orange peel is an indispensable herb in the repertoire of Chinese medicine practitioners. Its varied applications in supporting comfort and wellbeing highlight its relevance in traditional medical practices. By integrating this herb into different preparation methods, individuals can utilize its various benefits to support their health.

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