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Eggplant Roots

Eggplant Roots

Good for chronic bathroom trips with blood, aches from beriberi, tooth pain, skin hurt from cold, sore joints, and butt bumps.

How to Make It

  • For ongoing bathroom problems with blood, bake eggplant roots and pomegranate peels. Grind them into powder. Mix equal amounts of both powders. Take one teaspoon with white sugar in water two times a day.

Quick Facts

  • Eggplant roots help the liver's energy flow.
  • You can use it to wash skin and stop itchiness, mainly for ladies.


One study tested eggplant root syrup on 68 people with ongoing throat issues for 30 days. Results showed:

  • 22 people had fewer symptoms
  • 21 people had good results
  • 19 people felt better
  • 6 people had no change The syrup worked best for getting rid of sticky throat stuff and helping with breathing issues.
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