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Glehnia (root)

Glehnia (root)



  • Do Not Use-Wind Cold Symptoms Present
  • Cold From Deficiency
  • Lung Deficiency
  • Stomach Deficiency


Glehnia is a medicinal substance used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is slightly cold in nature and has a sweet and slightly bitter flavor. It is believed to have effects on the lungs and stomach meridians. Some of the functions attributed to glehnia in TCM include nourishing yin, clearing the lung, generating fluids, nourishing lung yin, clearing heat in cases of lung excess, and nourishing stomach yin. Glehnia should not be used in cases of wind cold symptoms, cold from deficiency, lung deficiency, or stomach deficiency. In TCM, glehnia is also known by its foreign names, "Glehniae Littoralis Radix" and "Bei Sha Shen."

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