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Matrimony Vine Fruit

Matrimony Vine Fruit

A Thorny Stalk Seed with a Rich History and Healing Properties

The Goji, also known as Gouqizi, is a fascinating plant with a rich history and numerous healing properties. It is revered for its potential to promote longevity and beauty, and its medicinal use dates back to ancient China. The lore surrounding this plant is both intriguing and enlightening, offering insights into its potential benefits and applications.

A Tale of Longevity and Beauty

Stories of the goji's ability to promote longevity and beauty are not uncommon. One such tale involves a Chinese traveler who encounters a 372-year-old woman who attributes her long life to consuming the matrimony vine. Another account mentions a beautiful woman from a wealthy family who drank matrimony vine tea and consumed its seeds daily, resulting in her appearing 20 years younger than her actual age.

The Science Behind the Lore

Goji, a trailing shrub with thorny stalks, belongs to the Solanaceae family. Its scientific name is Lycium barbarum L., and it is also known as aspen-willow fruit in Chinese. The plant's ripe fruit, known as Fructus Lycii in pharmaceutical terms, is the most valuable part for medicinal purposes, although its roots are also beneficial.

Gouqizi is classified as an herb that corrects deficiencies and has a neutral energy. It is known to influence the liver, lungs, and kidneys, with actions that include toning the kidneys, nourishing the liver, nourishing blood, and sharpening vision. It is indicated for blood deficiency with dizziness and blurred vision, lumbago, seminal emission, and diabetes.

Healing Properties and Applications

Studies have shown that Gouqizi can protect the liver and reduce blood sugar levels. It is also known for its ability to tonify the kidneys, making it an effective remedy for dizziness, vertigo, and lumbago resulting from kidney or liver deficiency.

One notable combination involves decocting Gouqizi with Juhua (chrysanthemum flower) to nourish the liver and sharpen vision. This combination is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from dizziness and blurred vision.


Goji (Gouqizi) has a storied past and a plethora of healing properties that have stood the test of time. As a natural remedy for various ailments and a potential elixir for longevity and beauty, this thorny stalk seed continues to fascinate and heal those who are familiar with its rich history and potent abilities.

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