A Special Ingredient for Many Purposes

Grapes, those sweet and slightly sour fruits, are not just good for enjoying at snack time. They have a very special place in Chinese medicine as well. People all over the world have found different ways to use grapes to feel better. Let's learn about what grapes can do and how you can use them at home.

What Grapes Do

Grapes have a neutral taste. They're a little sweet and a little sour. Some people believe that grapes can help make your bones and tendons stronger. They also think grapes can help you go to the bathroom when you need to pee. They can be used to give energy to your body and help make your blood healthy. Grapes work with your lungs, spleen, and kidneys.

Ways to Use Grapes

Grape Wine: Crush a big handful of grapes (equal to two cups) and mix with the same amount of rice wine. After straining, you can eat a small handful of the soaked raisins or drink a small glass of grape wine. This can help you feel more energetic if you have been sick.

For a Dry Throat: Eat a large bunch of fresh grapes in the morning and evening. This can help if your throat feels dry and you are thirsty.

With Ginger Peel: Boil a handful of raisins with some fresh ginger peel. Drink this warm liquid twice a day to help with swelling.

For Painful Urination: Squeeze juice from a cup of fresh grapes and mix with the same amount of warm water. Drinking this once a day can help if you have pain when you pee or other difficulties.

With Lotus Roots: Crush a small handful of fresh grapes and a cup of fresh lotus roots. Squeeze out the juice, and drink it all three times a day if you are having problems with your urine.

For Rashes in Measles: Boil a handful of raisins in water and drink it like soup. Also, boil grapevine leaves and parsley and use the liquid to wash the body. This can help if someone has measles.

For Anxiety Relief: Boil a handful of raisins with a handful of red dates in water. Drinking this like soup can help you feel calm if you are feeling nervous.

Things to Remember

Even though grapes are really great, eating too many can make you not feel hungry anymore. So, it's a good idea to eat them in just the right amount.

Grapes can be a simple and delightful way to support our well-being. By understanding the different ways they can be used, we can all benefit from the natural goodness they provide. Whether you eat them fresh or use them in a special recipe, grapes can be a lovely part of taking care of yourself.

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