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Good for: Helping with indigestion, freshening breath from having too much to drink, and making food seem tasty when you're expecting a baby.

What's in it?

  • Cold in nature
  • Tastes sweet and sour

How to Use

  1. For Cough with Mucus:

    • Steam 90g of peeled grapefruit in half a cup of rice wine and 1 cup of honey.
    • Drink all of it in one day.
  2. For Expecting Moms with Digestion Woes:

    • Eat 1 medium grapefruit three times a day.
  3. For Feeling Too Tipsy:

    • Slowly eat 1 small grapefruit.

Remember, grapefruit can affect how some medicines work. Always talk to a health expert if you have concerns.

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