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Chinese Hawthorn

Chinese Hawthorn

Chinese Hawthorn, popularly known as Shanzha or the Mountain Hawthorn, is a traditional Chinese herb with a rich history and remarkable health benefits. This miraculous plant, a part of the Rosaceae family, is renowned for its digestive, heart tonic, and blood activating properties.

Lore: The Legend of Chinese Hawthorn

Legend has it that Chinese Hawthorn saved a young boy from severe indigestion caused by his evil stepmother's half-cooked rice. The boy found solace in the fruits of the Hawthorn tree. As he consumed these berries daily, his health improved drastically, much to the disbelief of his stepmother.

Chinese Hawthorn: A Glimpse into its Botanical Identity

Known as red fruits in China due to its vibrant red berries, Chinese Hawthorn is scientifically classified as Crataegus pinnatifida Bge. var. major N.E.Br. The fruit of this plant is widely utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Dosage and Taste: Key Features of Chinese Hawthorn

The Chinese Hawthorn boasts a sour taste and slightly warm energy. It is typically used in a dosage of around 10g, particularly in TCM.

Chinese Hawthorn: A Digestive Powerhouse

Belonging to the class of herbs that promote digestion, Chinese Hawthorn is particularly effective in eliminating food stagnation due to indigestion. This herb is highly potent for transforming food and is notably effective for alleviating meat indigestion.

Health Benefits of Chinese Hawthorn: More than a Digestive Aid

In addition to its digestive properties, Chinese Hawthorn offers numerous other health benefits. It can activate the blood, reduce blood pressure, and disperse coagulations. This makes it an effective heart tonic.

Furthermore, Chinese Hawthorn can treat fatty liver and reduce blood fat. It is also beneficial for conditions such as indigestion, dysentery, hernia, blood coagulations, and suppression of menses.

The Final Word: The Power of Chinese Hawthorn

Chinese Hawthorn, or Shanzha, is more than just a legend. Its potent health benefits make it an essential component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Whether used for its digestive properties, heart health benefits, or blood-activating capabilities, Chinese Hawthorn is truly a gem of nature's pharmacy.

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