Description: Hops are kind of cool to the touch and taste bitter. People use them to help with stomach problems and to get rid of extra water in their body.

How to Use:

  1. For some lung problems: Mix 15g of hops with 2 glasses of water. Cook on low heat until only one glass of water is left. Drink this once a day.
  2. For sleep problems and not feeling hungry: Use 4g of hops to make tea. Drink this tea every day.

What Doctors Say: Some studies have shown that hops can help with certain diseases, including some types of lung diseases and stomach issues.

Interesting Fact: Some women in China who pick hops in the field have noticed changes in their monthly cycle. They say it happens a few days after they start picking hops and that it's not painful. This might be because hops act like a hormone that women have in their bodies.

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