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Fava Bean

Fava Bean

A Natural Spleen Tonic and More

Fava bean is neutral and sweet. It's good for your spleen and can help you get rid of extra water in your body.

How to Use Horse Bean:

  1. For Water Build-up: Boil 70g of fava beans and 70g of wax gourd peels in water. Drink this like tea to help with water build-up in your body.

  2. For Scalp Issues: Mash fresh fava beans into a cream. Put this on the skin area that needs help. If you don't have fresh ones, dried horse beans work too.

  3. For Tummy Troubles: Dry fresh fava beans in the sun. Grind them into powder. Mix 2 teaspoonfuls of this powder in warm water. Drink it 3 times a day.

  4. For Kids' Tummy Issues: Boil fava bean powder with sugar in water. This can help little ones with poor appetite and diarrhea. Use white sugar if there's no blood in the poop and brown sugar if there is.

Extra Tips:

  • Fava bean can help balance your spleen and stomach.
  • Older fava bean powder may work even better.

Remember, fava bean can be a natural way to feel better, but it's good to talk to a health expert for advice that fits you.

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