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Jellyfish is used in Chinese medicine for several purposes. It can help cool down internal heat and lower blood pressure. It's also good for helping with asthma and chest pain. Additionally, it can help you feel less stuffed up and make it easier to go to the bathroom.

Preparation Methods:

  1. For Chronic Tracheitis:

    • Bake 40g of jellyfish, 6g of oyster shell, and 6g of clam shell.
    • Grind them into a powder.
    • Add 3g of honey.
    • Make into tablets and divide into three parts.
    • Take one part after each meal for 10 days.
  2. For Chest Issues and Phlegmy Coughs:

    • Wash 150g of jellyfish in boiling water to remove salt.
    • Cut up water chestnuts or carrots and boil them with the jellyfish.
    • Drink this as a soup during meals.
  3. For High Blood Pressure:

    • Wash 150g of jellyfish in boiling water to get rid of salt.
    • Cut up 400g of unpeeled water chestnuts.
    • Boil in water until it's half gone.
    • Drink warm on an empty stomach.


Jellyfish has two parts: the umbrella-like body is called jellyfish skin, and the mouth area is known as the jellyfish head. Once caught, jellyfish is soaked in special solutions and then salted for keeping. Make sure to wash off all the lime, alum, and salt before you cook it.

Note: The information provided is not for medical advice. Please consult a qualified healthcare professional for personalized recommendations.

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