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Job's-Tears Roots

Job's-Tears Roots

Cool and Helpful for Your Body

Job's-Tears Roots are known for their cool nature. They help lessen heat inside you, get rid of extra water in your body, and make your spleen stronger. They're especially useful for yellow skin issues, water swelling, and belly bulges.

How to Use Job's-Tears Roots:

  1. For Yellow Skin: Boil the roots in water and drink the liquid to help with yellowish skin, also known as jaundice.

  2. For Water Swelling: Make a tea from the roots to help get rid of extra water in your body, which can help with edema.

  3. For Belly Bulges: Use the roots in cooking or teas to help with hernias in the stomach area.

Extra Info:

  • Job's-Tears Roots have a cool energy, which means they can help lower heat inside you.
  • They are mainly good for your spleen and for getting rid of water build-up in your body.

Tips & Warnings:

  • These roots are not for everyone. Always talk to a health expert to make sure they are right for you.

Whether you have swelling, a warm feeling inside, or yellowish skin, Job's-Tears Roots might be a natural option to explore. Always talk to a health expert for advice that fits you best.

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