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About Kohlrabi: Kohlrabi is a special vegetable. It can help with tummy troubles, yellow skin problems, high blood sugar, drinking too much alcohol, and when your nose bleeds.

How it Tastes: Kohlrabi can taste a bit bitter, sweet, and spicy. It also helps clean out bad stuff from your body.

How to Use Kohlrabi:

  1. If your nose bleeds, drink fresh kohlrabi juice.
  2. After having a baby, if it's hard to go to the bathroom, use kohlrabi seeds:
    • Crush the seeds into a powder.
    • Take a little of this powder (like the size of a big marble) two times a day. It can also help you see better.
  3. To help with going to the bathroom:
    • Crush kohlrabi seeds into powder.
    • Add the powder to hot water.
    • Use a cloth to filter the water into a bowl, squeezing the cloth to get all the juice out.
    • Drink this juice first thing when you wake up. It'll help you go to the bathroom easily.

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