Lamb or Mutton

Lamb or Mutton

A Traditional Approach to Support Well-Being

Lamb and mutton have long been recognized for their benefits in various traditional practices. Warm and sweet in nature, they have been employed to alleviate common ailments and support overall wellness. Here's a detailed exploration of lamb and mutton, their preparation, and their applications.


Lamb and mutton are considered warm and sweet. They have been used as an energy tonic to invigorate the internal region and affect the spleen and kidneys positively. The following sections explore the preparation and specific applications.


Supporting Erection and Alleviating Upset Stomach
  • Ingredients: Lamb or mutton, garlic.
  • Method: Cook lamb or mutton with garlic and eat at meals.
  • Application: This dish supports the erection of the penis and can alleviate an upset stomach in both men and women.
Aid for Lumbago and Beriberi
  • Ingredients: 500g mutton, 1 bowl rice, 1 glass papaya juice, sugar, and salt.
  • Method: Boil the mutton with rice and papaya juice; season with sugar and salt.
  • Application: Consuming this mixture can aid with lumbago and beriberi.


Mutton's warmth makes it unsuitable for those with a hot physical constitution. Its fatty nature means it is not recommended for those with high blood fat levels. It is, however, beneficial for those who are weak and underweight but should be consumed in limited quantities.

Sheep's milk, warm and sweet, is used to lubricate dryness and alleviate fatigue, underweight, diabetes, and acid vomiting. Sheep's liver, cool, sweet, and bitter, is employed as a liver tonic and can enhance vision and ease glaucoma and night blindness. Sheep's kidney, warm and sweet, is utilized as a kidney tonic and to fortify sexual capacity and erection of the penis.


Lamb and mutton hold a special place in traditional wellness practices. From general well-being to specific applications such as strengthening the erection of the penis and alleviating lumbago, the preparations shared in this article provide insights into time-honored methods. Always consult with a knowledgeable practitioner for personalized guidance.

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