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Green Laver

Green Laver

Green Laver is a special sea plant that helps your body in many ways. First, it helps get rid of yucky stuff like phlegm. Got a hard bump or swelling? Laver can help soften it. If you're feeling too hot inside, laver can cool you down.

Need to go to the bathroom more often? Laver can help with that too. It's also good for your kidneys and your heart.


Different types of laver do similar good things for your body. Some studies even say laver can help lower the bad stuff in your blood, like cholesterol.

Got goiter or beriberi? Laver is a wise food to add to your meals. Have a sore throat? Try drinking laver soup to feel better. And if your blood pressure is too high, laver might be good for you too. Remember, always talk to a health expert if you have questions or worries.

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