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Lemon Leaves

Lemon Leaves

Lemon leaves are special leaves that come from the lemon tree. In Chinese medicine, people use these leaves to help with different health issues. Here's what lemon leaves can help with:

  1. Clearing Phlegm: If you feel like you have gunk in your throat or lungs, lemon leaves can help clear it out.

  2. Improving Appetite: If you don't feel like eating, lemon leaves can make you want to eat more.

  3. Regulating Energy: Lemon leaves help balance the energy in your body.

  4. Coughs and Asthma: If you cough a lot or have trouble breathing, lemon leaves can make it easier for you.

  5. Belly Issues: If your belly feels puffy or you have diarrhea, lemon leaves can help you feel better.

Remember, it's always good to talk to an expert if you want to use lemon leaves for your health. They can help you understand how to use them in the best way for you.

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