Lettuce Seed

Lettuce Seed

A Traditional Remedy in Chinese Medicine


Lettuce seeds have been utilized in Chinese medicine for their specific properties that are believed to assist with various conditions. Characterized by a cold and bitter taste, lettuce seeds are said to be good for alleviating certain ailments and promoting specific bodily functions. Here's an overview of their use and preparation methods.


Lettuce seeds are cold and bitter in nature. They are traditionally said to promote milk secretion and urination, making them a popular choice for some conditions.

  1. Swollen Areas: Lettuce seeds are often recommended for alleviating swelling in specific parts of the body.
  2. Milk Secretion Issues after Childbirth: They are also used to aid milk secretion in new mothers experiencing shortage of milk production.
  3. Other Conditions: Lettuce seeds might also be utilized for other issues as part of a broader traditional medicinal approach.


The use of lettuce seeds in traditional applications can be done through two main preparation methods:

  1. Powdered Form:

    • Grind 30 lettuce seeds into a powder.
    • Dissolve the powder in wine.
    • Consume it to aid with milk secretion issues after childbirth.
  2. Cooked with Sweet Rice and Licorice:

    • Cook equal amounts of lettuce seeds and sweet rice.
    • Add a little licorice to the mix.
    • Incorporate it into meals as per traditional guidance.


Lettuce seeds have a long history of use in Chinese medicine, associated with specific conditions and bodily functions. Their cold and bitter characteristics have made them a notable choice within the rich tapestry of traditional remedies. While scientific studies may still be underway to understand their full effects, the traditional preparation and application of lettuce seeds continue to be part of the cultural wisdom passed down through generations.

Please note that the information in this article is based on traditional practices, and it's essential to consult with a qualified health professional who understands your individual needs for personalized advice and guidance.

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