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Licorice (Food)

Licorice (Food)

Licorice is a well-loved plant in Chinese medicine. People have found it good for tummy aches, when they don't feel like eating, when they're really tired, when they have a fever, a cough, or a fluttery heart. It's also nice for when their throat hurts or if something doesn't feel right in their tummy.


Licorice is kind of sweet and doesn't have a strong taste. It's in the middle of being hot or cold. People say it's good for slowing down some problems when they start all of a sudden. It helps with breathing and makes other herbs work better together. Licorice is often used with thoughts of the spleen, tummy, and lungs.


  1. For breathing problems: If someone's lungs don't feel good, or they have some breathing sickness, they can use licorice and ginger. Just take a handful of licorice (like 2 or 3 small pieces of candy) and a smaller handful of dry ginger (like 1 or 2 small pieces). Put them in water just enough to cover them. Boil them until only half of the water is left. Strain it and drink a cup of the warm soup two times a day.

  2. For feeling worried and stressed: If a woman feels really worried or stressed, there's an old recipe they can try. Boil a small amount of licorice (like 10 small pieces of candy) with 20 whole wheat kernels and 5 Chinese red dates. Drinking this as a soup can make them feel better.


Licorice is really special in Chinese medicine. There are two kinds of licorice: raw and made with honey. The raw kind is a little cool and sweet, so it helps when someone feels too hot. The kind made with honey is a little warm and sweet, and it can help someone feel more energy in their spleen.

People have found licorice to be really useful. It's good for when people are feeling bad in many different ways. But remember, it's always best to talk to a person who knows a lot about Chinese medicine to find out if licorice is right for you.

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