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Ling Zhi

Ling Zhi

The Spiritual Vegetable Meat That Holds The Secret To Immortality

In the world of traditional Chinese medicine, Ling Zhi, also known as Lucid Ganoderma in English, holds an esteemed position for its perceived health benefits. This fascinating herb has a unique story, where it is believed to have transformed the life of a man named Mr. Ambition, leading him to a path of longevity and wellness.

A Tale of Transformation: From Mr. Ambition to Taoist Monk

Mr. Ambition was an ambitious man, known for his relentless attempts at the imperial examinations. After numerous failed attempts, he shifted his ambition towards longevity and embraced the life of a Taoist monk. However, his health deteriorated, and he lost weight drastically, leading him back to the mundane world.

Despite his successful construction business, Mr. Ambition's health remained poor until one day, his workers found a strange object from the ground. The object, described as a fleshy human hand, was deemed a disaster omen by a fortune-teller. Surprisingly, the solution to divert the disaster was to consume the object.

Embracing this bizarre advice, Mr. Ambition ate the object and witnessed a miraculous transformation. His health improved, his complexion brightened, and he regained his youthful appearance. The strange object was later identified as the herb 'spiritual vegetable meat' by a passing Taoist monk. This marked Mr. Ambition's return to the spiritual life, this time, armed with the secret to earthly immortality - Ling Zhi.

Ling Zhi: The Lucid Ganoderma

Belonging to the family Polyporaceae, Ling Zhi, scientifically known as Ganoderma lucidum and Ganoderma japonicum, is also commonly known as glossy ganoderma. In pharmaceutical terminology, it is referred to as Ganoderma Lucidum Seu Japonicum.

The whole plant is used in traditional medicine, typically in a powdered form with a recommended dosage of 2 to 4 grams. The taste is sweet and the energy is neutral. Although it's yet to be classified and its meridians undetermined, Ling Zhi is known to benefit joints, protect spirits, enhance pure energy, strengthen tendons and bones, and improve complexion.

The Multifaceted Benefits of Ling Zhi

Indications for Ling Zhi include deficiency fatigue, cough, asthma, insomnia, indigestion, deafness, chronic tracheitis, bronchial asthma, leukocytopenia, coronary heart disease, and irregular heartbeats.

According to several experiments, Ling Zhi can produce nine effects. It is effective for asthma and is an excellent heart tonic. It can protect the liver, reduce transaminase, and increase white blood cells. Ling Zhi can also increase and protect blood platelets, provide sedation and inhibition, relieve pain, and reduce blood fat.


The story of Mr. Ambition and the Ling Zhi underscores the incredible potential of this herb. Whether it's a pathway to earthly immortality, as it was for Mr. Ambition, or an effective treatment for an array of health conditions, Ling Zhi continues to captivate researchers and traditional medicine practitioners alike. Despite its lore, scientific understanding of Ling Zhi's effects is still being explored, offering hope for future breakthroughs in health and longevity.

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