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Lobster (Sea Prawn)

Lobster (Sea Prawn)

Lobster, also known as sea prawn, has a special place in Chinese Medicine. This yummy sea creature does a bunch of good things for your body. It can help make your kidneys strong, and for men, it can help you feel more like a lion in the bedroom.

Hungry? Lobster can get your appetite going so you want to eat more of the good stuff. It can also help clear away icky stuff in your throat like phlegm.

And that's not all! If one side of your body feels weak, or you have achy bones, lobster might be your new best friend. Some people also find it helpful when dealing with impotence.

Remember, Chinese Medicine looks at herbs and foods in a natural way to support your health. Always talk to an expert if you want to learn more about how lobster can help you.

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