A Special Fruit

Longan is more than just a tasty fruit. In some places, it's seen as something that might help people with sleep problems, forgetfulness, a fluttery heart, or feeling nervous. It's like a warm hug for your body, making you feel good and strong.

What Makes Longan Special

Longan is warm and sweet. Think of it like a little piece of candy that's good for you. Some people use it to help their spleen, heart, and blood, and to give them energy. It's like a little boost that might make you feel better.

How to Use Longan

Here are some simple ways you can try longan at home:

  1. For Feeling Dizzy or Too Thin: Mix about a handful of longan with a small piece of pork, two slices of fresh ginger, and a little bit of rice wine. Steam it all together. You can eat this once a day. It's like a special meal that might help you feel less dizzy or help you if you feel you're too thin.

  2. Make Longan Jelly: Take a bowl full of longan and the same amount of sugar, and steam them together to make a jelly. This jelly is like a sweet treat you can enjoy.

  3. For Dizziness and Swelling After Having a Baby: You can have a spoonful of that longan jelly with warm water. Or you could boil a handful of longan with a few red dates, a small cup of brown sugar, and a piece of fresh ginger. Drink it like a soup once a day. It's like a warm drink that might help you feel better.


Longan is more than just a fruit you eat for fun. In some cultures, people believe it has special powers that might help with certain problems like sleep and nerves. And the best part? You can enjoy it in many tasty ways. Whether you want to try it in a soup or make your own jelly, longan is a sweet treat that could be a special part of your day.

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