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Longevity Fruits (Momordica Fruits)

Longevity Fruits (Momordica Fruits)

Longevity fruits help you calm coughs, breathe easier if you have asthma, cool down body heat, and make your insides move smoothly.


  • For coughs with gooey stuff and hard-to-pass poop: Boil longevity fruits with pork and eat this during your meals.
  • For a sore throat and voice box: Slice a longevity fruit thin and make it into a tea.
  • For a big cough that comes in waves: Boil a longevity fruit with a piece of persimmon cake in water. Drink this like soup.


  • Longevity fruits are super sweet, like 300 times sweeter than sugar, but they're still good for folks watching their sugar.
  • People are talking a lot these days about how this fruit might have something in it that fights off really bad sicknesses.
  • Singers with throat problems often get told by Chinese medicine folks to try longevity fruits. These fruits help with a lot of things, like regular colds, coughs that make you spit goo, hard-to-pass poop, long-term sore throats, and long-term windpipe issues.
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