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Loquat Seeds

Loquat Seeds

Loquat seeds have a special place in Chinese medicine. They are good for several things:

  1. Clear Phlegm: If you have a lot of gunk in your throat, loquat seeds can help clear it out.

  2. Calm Cough: Got a nagging cough? Loquat seeds can help make it less bothersome.

  3. Relax the Liver: The liver plays a big role in how we feel. Loquat seeds can help it do its job better.

  4. Balance Energy: In Chinese medicine, body energy is very important. Loquat seeds help make sure your energy is just right.

  5. Other Benefits: They are also helpful if you have hernia issues, swelling, or scrofula, a kind of neck lump.

Remember, always check with a healthcare provider for advice tailored to your own health needs.

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