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A Sweet Friend for Your Body

Lotus is a plant that can help your heart, spleen, and kidneys. It is neutral and sweet, which makes it good for a lot of different things. It can even help you feel more at ease if you're often restless.

How to Use Lotus:

  1. After Childbirth or Fatigue: Boil 30g of dried lotus fruits and brown sugar in rice wine. Add a chicken egg like in egg-drop soup. Drink this every night for a month.

  2. For Chronic Gut Issues: Steam lotus fruits and let them dry in the sun. Grind them into powder. Take 15g of this powder, three times a day.

  3. For Ulcers: Steam 250g dried lotus fruits with rice wine and lard. Eat all of it three times a day for a month.

  4. For Red Urine: Mix 180g lotus seeds and 30g licorice. Grind into powder. Take 3 to 6g of this powder with warm water, three times a day.

  5. For Bleeding: Crush fresh lotus roots and squeeze the juice. Drink a glass to stop different kinds of bleeding.

Extra Info:

  • Lotus has a calming effect. While some stories say it makes you dreamy, Chinese medicine thinks it can actually help with that.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Always talk to a health expert before making changes to your health routine, especially if you're recovering from something serious.

Lotus can be a natural help for many things like restlessness or gut problems. As always, it's smart to talk to a health expert to make sure it's the right choice for you.

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