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Medicinal Cornel Fruit

Medicinal Cornel Fruit


Medicinal Cornel Fruit, also known as Shanzhuyu or Sour Mountain Date, is a highly valued herb in traditional Chinese medicine. Belonging to the Cornaceae family, its scientific name is Cornus officinalis Sieb et Zucc, and its pharmaceutical name is Fructus Corni. Known for its unique properties promoting longevity and vitality, it has been used for centuries to treat various ailments. One of the most famous historical figures associated with the use of Medicinal Cornel Fruit is Emperor Qian Long of the Manchu Dynasty, who lived a long and healthy life, defying the norms of his time.

Properties and Indications

The Medicinal Cornel Fruit is slightly warm in energy and has a sour flavor. Its primary function is to tone up the liver and kidneys, constrict semen, and check perspiration. This herb belongs to the class of herbs that constrict and obstruct movements and has an affinity for the liver and kidney channels.

The fruit is the part used in traditional Chinese medicine, with a typical dosage of 5 grams for the raw herb. Its indications include seminal emission, excessive perspiration, lumbago, dizziness, ringing in the ears, and insomnia. Experiments have shown that Medicinal Cornel Fruit is effective in inhibiting gastrointestinal peristalsis and reducing blood sugar levels. However, due to its obstructive nature, it is not recommended for individuals suffering from constipation.

Emperor Qian Long: The Long-Life Emperor

Emperor Qian Long (1711-1799) of the Manchu Dynasty was known for his long and prosperous reign, ruling China for 60 years. Despite the challenges of political life and the indulgences of royalty, Qian Long managed to live a remarkably long life, passing away at the age of 89. This made him one of the longest-lived emperors in Chinese history, earning him the title "The Long-Life Emperor."

Qian Long's secret to longevity has been attributed to his regular consumption of various herbs, with the most notable being the Medicinal Cornel Fruit and Morinda Root. These herbs were believed to have played a significant role in maintaining his youthful appearance, energy, and vitality, even in his advanced age.

Modern Research on Medicinal Cornel Fruit

A report by the National Peking Research Institute indicates that the Medicinal Cornel Fruit can promote urination and lower blood pressure for several hours. These findings, along with the herb's historical significance in promoting longevity and vitality, make it an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine.


The Medicinal Cornel Fruit has played an important role in the history of traditional Chinese medicine, most notably in the life of Emperor Qian Long, who defied the odds and lived a long and healthy life. Its unique properties, which promote longevity and vitality, have been recognized and utilized for centuries, making it an essential herb in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Alongside its historical significance, modern research has uncovered its effectiveness in inhibiting gastrointestinal peristalsis and reducing blood sugar levels, further highlighting its importance as a natural remedy.

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