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Onions are pretty awesome for your health. They can make you pee more and help you get rid of yucky mucus when you have a cold. This is great if you're having trouble going to the bathroom or you're coughing a lot.


People also say onions can help with healing wounds and making your stomach stronger. Some folks even eat fried onions to keep their cholesterol in check after eating fatty foods.

Animal tests show that onions may make your stomach work better. They can help if your intestines are feeling weak.

In China, people like to cook onions with some soy sauce and vinegar. This tasty mix helps people who find it hard to pee.

Did you know onions are special veggies? They have something called prostaglandins. These are good for your heart and can help other muscles in your body work better. In modern China, many folks see onions as good food for keeping your blood pressure in a healthy range.

So, adding some onions to your meals can be a tasty and smart way to look after your health.

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