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Oregano, also known as Wild Marjoram, is a special herb that has many uses in Chinese medicine. It helps your body in different ways:

  1. Makes You Sweat: If you're feeling hot or have a fever, oregano can help you sweat it out.

  2. Balances Energy: In Chinese medicine, energy flow is important. Oregano helps make sure your energy flows right.

  3. Gets Rid of Wetness: Feeling a bit soggy inside? Oregano can help get that wet feeling out of your body.

  4. Helps with Colds: Got a runny nose or feeling stuffy? Oregano can give you some relief.

  5. Eases Stomach Issues: If you're feeling sick to your stomach or have diarrhea, oregano can help you feel better.

  6. Good for Chest: If your chest feels tight or stuffed up, oregano can help clear it out.

  7. Helps with Yellow Skin: If your skin looks a little yellow, it may help bring your color back to normal.

  8. Good for Kids: If kids are not growing like they should or look too thin, oregano can help them feel stronger.

Remember, herbs like oregano can help you feel better, but always check with a knowledgeable person before using them.

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