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Peanuts help balance your spleen, make your stomach feel good, moisten your lungs, and get rid of icky phlegm. They also give your body a good energy boost.


  • For High Blood Pressure: Soak peanuts in vinegar for 7 days. Eat 10 peanuts in the morning and evening.
  • For Breastfeeding Moms: Boil peanuts and eat them often to help make more milk.
  • For Stomach Problems: Take 2 to 4 teaspoons of peanut oil first thing in the morning for one week.
  • For Swelling Problems: Boil peanuts and red dates together and drink it like tea.
  • For Bleeding Issues: Some people use the outer layer of peanuts to help with bleeding in the digestive system.


Peanuts are filled with good stuff like protein (about 27 percent) and have all eight important amino acids. Most of the fats in peanuts are the good kind that can make your blood cholesterol better.

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