Pigeon Meat

Pigeon Meat

Pigeon Meat and Its Historical Mention

Pigeon meat has a long history in certain traditions. In a Chinese classic book dating back to 1695, it was said that pigeon meat could be good for those feeling weak, especially in long-lasting situations.

In some places, people say pigeon meat might help with some health issues like problems with blood sugar or issues related to women's monthly cycles. It has even been mentioned as something that might help with bloody problems in the bathroom.

Nutritional Value

The meat from a pigeon is mostly made of water and protein. It's almost like having 3 cups of water mixed with 4 small pieces of chicken. There's also a tiny bit of fat and something called ash, which is just a way to describe some minerals.

Special Place in Hong Kong

Pigeon meat is something special in Hong Kong. People there think it might help folks feel more romantic. Some even say it's better than other birds like sparrows and quails for this purpose.

A common way people enjoy pigeon is by making a strong soup from it and drinking just the soup, not eating the meat itself. A person who knows a lot about Chinese herbs once said that if you know how sparrow and quail can make you feel, then you would understand that pigeon meat might make you feel even more so.


Pigeon meat isn't just food; it's a part of history and culture for some people. It's talked about in ancient books and has a special place in places like Hong Kong. It's like a special dish that brings with it stories and beliefs from long ago. Whether or not these beliefs hold true for everyone, it's clear that pigeon meat holds an important spot in the hearts of many who enjoy it.

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