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White Rice

White Rice

Good for More Than Just Eating

White rice can help when your tummy is upset or if you have trouble going to the bathroom. It's also good for morning sickness.

How to Use White Rice:

  1. For Morning Sickness: Fry a bowl of rice with fresh ginger juice until the rice turns yellowish. In the morning, chew 20-30 grains before getting out of bed.

  2. For Diarrhea: Boil rice a bit longer to get a brown crust at the bottom. Mix 150g of this crust with equal amounts of lotus fruits and sugar. Boil in water. Drink 2 teaspoons three times a day. Good for kids too.

Extra Info:

  • White rice has a neutral and sweet nature. It helps give you energy and is good for your spleen and stomach.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Don't cook the rice too short; let a thick crust form for better results.

White rice can offer more than just a meal. It's natural and helps in different ways. But, like always, check with a health expert for advice that suits you.

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