Potatoes (Irish Potato)

Potatoes (Irish Potato)

A Comforting Helper

Potatoes are more than just a tasty side dish; they can also be a helpful friend in our lives. Let's see how this ordinary vegetable can be turned into something special.

A Soothing Touch for Burns and Mumps

If you feel tired, potatoes can help you feel better. They're like a gentle hug for your energy.

Have mumps? No worries! You can take a potato, crush it, and mix its juice with a little vinegar. Putting this mixture on the mumps can help you feel relief.

For burns, just applying potato juice can be soothing. It's like a gentle touch to your skin.

A Delicious Soup for Many Needs

If you want to make a tasty soup that's also good for you, grab 5 egg-sized potatoes, 1 onion, some garlic, and carrots. Wash the potatoes (leave the skin on) and chop them up with the onion. Put everything in some water (about as much as you'd use for a big pot of tea) and cook it on low heat until half the water is gone. Add a pinch of salt, and your soup is ready!

This wonderful soup can be good for many things. It might be good for someone with high blood pressure, a baby who needs more food, a person with a cough or itchy skin, or someone trying to lose weight.

Potato Glue: A Sticky Solution

Potatoes can even make something called "potato glue," which can be good for a sensitive stomach.

To make this, you'll need to wash 30 fresh potatoes and grate them to get the juice. Cook the juice in a clay pot (not metal) over low heat. Let the water go away until you have a thick layer at the bottom. This sticky liquid is called potato glue, and it's full of something that helps our body grow.

Taking this sticky liquid might help ease stomach pain. Some people have said that it helped their stomach feel better in 20 to 30 days.


Potatoes, those simple, delicious veggies we all love, can do more than fill our tummies at dinner time. From easing burns to making a healthy soup, potatoes are like a friend that's always there for us. So next time you see a potato, remember all the surprising and helpful things it can do!

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