Rice Bran

Rice Bran

A Vital Ingredient in Chinese Medicine

Rice bran is a natural substance that has found a unique place in Chinese medicine. Its characteristics and effects on the body are varied, and it has been utilized in different remedies. Here's a closer look at what rice bran has to offer:

Characteristics and Effects:

  • Nature: Neutral
  • Flavors: Sweet and pungent
  • Action: Pushes downwards
  • Affects: The stomach and large intestine

Rice bran is known for its versatile qualities and its applications in resolving certain health challenges.

Application for Difficulty When Swallowing: One remedy that includes rice bran involves mixing it with honey and shaping it into tablets. Keeping one tablet at a time in the mouth, like a cough drop, can help with the sensation of difficulty when swallowing.

Application for Beriberi: Frying about the equivalent of a cup of rice bran until it becomes yellowish but not burned is the first step in this application. Stored in a jar, you can take a small spoonful (about 10g) of the yellowish rice bran with water twice a day to alleviate the symptoms of beriberi.

Rice bran's natural qualities make it a valuable asset in Chinese medicine. Its neutral essence, combined with its sweet and pungent flavors, allow for diverse applications that support well-being. Whether used for difficulty when swallowing or other concerns, rice bran has a place in the traditional remedies that aim to support overall health.

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