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Rice Sprouts

Rice Sprouts

Good for the Belly

Rice sprouts can help if your belly feels funny or you have hiccups. They are sweet and warm and help your belly work better.

How to Use Rice Sprouts:

  1. For Stronger Stomach: Fry fresh rice sprouts until they turn yellowish but not burned. This helps your belly feel better.

  2. For Hiccups: You can also use these fried sprouts to help stop hiccups.

What's in Rice Sprouts:

  • Rice sprouts have good stuff like starch, protein, fat, amylase, and vitamin B.

  • Unlike maltose, which helps digestion, rice sprouts also make your spleen strong and give you more energy.

Tips & Warnings:

  • Make sure you don't burn the sprouts when you fry them.

Rice sprouts are a natural way to help your belly and stop hiccups. But remember, always check with a health expert for advice that's right for you.

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