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Sea Grass

Sea Grass

Good For:
Lymph node swellings, goiter, body fluid balance, leg swelling, and testicle pain.

Sea grass has a cold, bitter, and salty nature. It helps soften hard areas, gets rid of mucus, and helps your body pass water. It also cools down hot feelings in your body.

How to Prepare:

  1. For Lymph Nodes & Goiter:
  • Boil 20g of sea grass in 4 cups of water on low heat until only 2 cups of water are left. Drink one cup of this twice a day. This helps with lymph node swellings and goiter.
  1. For Swollen Testes:
  • Boil 50g of sea grass, 20g of fried orange seeds, and 15g of fried caraway seeds in water. Drink this soup once a day to help with swollen testes.

What Studies Say:

  • One study showed that sea grass extract can act as a blood thinner.
  • Another study on rats found that different types of sea grass could help lower cholesterol in blood and organs.
  • A third study on dogs and rats showed that high amounts of sea grass can help keep blood pressure low for a longer time, but small amounts might briefly make blood pressure go up.

A source says sea grass may help control your hunger and help with weight loss. For thyroid issues, look into kelp.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes. Please consult a healthcare practitioner for any health concerns.

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